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Friday, December 1, 2017

My unexpected break from blogging is officially over!!!  At first I intended to just pause and take some time to buy a new house and get settled into my new reality. Little did I know, that my new reality would involve work, relationship, and travel challenges that would turn into 6 months of not writing. Reality will break your heart but I am back to say I’m recovering from the temporary insanity and ready to have some fun just in time for the holidays.

So much has happened friends and instead of 15 thousand posts I’m just going to give you the top 5 highlights from the last few months (not in any order)
  • I bought a new house! Farewell to my first house, thank you for the memories (good and bad), but it was time to let you go and put down some new roots. I’m happy to report I am now a solid 15-20 minutes from my day job and making this new house my home. It is my little oasis and I’m so grateful for the awesome team of real estate professionals that made it possible.
  • I went to Canada and London (real vacations). I spent some much needed time with family enjoying some new sites and making some history. I saw the Saints play in London! Parlé un peu français au Canada. Ate what I wanted. Drank what I wanted. Enjoyed everything.
  • I joined a gym! 😔My love, hate relationship with fitness continues. Happy to report I wasn't that out of shape and my trainer is happy with my progress (as am I). My ass has never looked better and I may be on the road to some real abs. I work out so I can eat tacos and drink (PS I am a brown liquor drinker now, so that is new).
  • I invested in some amazing relationships. I have had some time this month to really love and appreciate my friends (my tribe). I love the people God has put in my life during what I can only describe is chaos.  They helped me through family illness, work disasters, and have helped me celebrate some amazing successes. I’m grateful for all the dinners, desserts, and cocktails with the most intelligent, remarkable, compassionate human beings. I don't belong, I promise, but I will hang out with them as long as they will have me.
  • I continued to be a smartass.  Just wanted to point out that sarcasm has served me well the last few months and will continue to be a part of my life. I still curse like a sailor. I am still yelling Goooo Dawgs (SEC Champs), I’m still reppin the Who Dat Nation, still moving loud, still too proud and just being me.

Obviously much more happened and I might actually get around to sharing it this time! 


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