Happy Birthday Me (2017)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
I will follow where this takes me and my tomorrows lost to the unknown...

Today is my birthday and I am starting yet another new journey for another year of life. It has been awhile since I posted, mainly because I've had so much going on. I focused the last few months on the external changes in my life and I am beyond proud of what I have accomplished. This year, I want to focus on some internal changes and get to a state beyond where I have been.
The last few weeks have been about choosing me and I want to continue that trend. I read a few books and came to so many conclusions. I lived in a guest room for a few months, over did it at work, and then found my center. I have started my own happiness project, not because I’m unhappy but because I want more.

Celebrating another year of life and reflecting on the path that got me here has been rejuvenating. I finally found a home to call my own (more to come on that in September), improved and developed relationships, hit some career milestones, started a new fitness journey, and continued to be amazing 😉…but I WANT MORE.

In an effort to get more, I used The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin as my inspiration and have given myself a few goals and commandments to guide me through the next year, as I prepare for what comes next (good, bad, and ugly).

Adulting with Purpose and Focus (goals)

Tone and Sculp (19% body fat) – the goal is to stray in shape and keep a fitness routine that fits my lifestyle. Doing the adult thing, I found a trainer that can keep me on track.
Go natural within reason – I’m on a mission to embrace the many gifts this Earth has given us. The goal is to reduce unnecessary exposure to unpleasant toxins (chemical or other).
Enjoy my body and what I put in it – I want to love my body which to me means enjoying the food, drink, and man that I decide to allow in it.
Date myself (self-care)- Part of loving me is spending time taking care of my mental state and well-being without guilt. I’m treating myself to a lot of good times.
Accept Blessings and bless others – gratitude is life changing and I need to be grateful for what I have and pay it forward.
Treat life like an education and learn more – somewhere along the way I lost sight of how fun it is to learn new things. Smarter is better because ignorance is not bliss, it’s oppressive.
Explore the unknown (with leisure) – see it all, try it all, conquer the unknown.
Exfoliate (I’m not 22 anymore)- aside from my skin, sometimes you need to scrub your thoughts, your relationships, and your spirit and refresh it all.

Commandments (rules to live by for the next year)

Be heard without being loud
Say what I mean and mean what I say
Mind my manners
Fasten seat belts when seated but take more risk
Go with my gut (always)
Exercise it out
Pursue passions
Treat myself (indulge)
Let LOVE fill the space
Have faith not fear
Hustle with heart
Express and show gratitude
Let it go (lose control it isn’t a requirement)
Over the next few weeks I’m going to jump back into my blog as I start this new year of adventure. More to come, happy birthday to me!!!


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