Monday Quote: June 26

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share the motivational words helping me stay focused the last few weeks. As my house hunt, travel, and work chaos continue I have been out of my comfort zone a bit, which is necessary but difficult. Sitting on the edge of that comfort, I have been able to gain even more perspective in my life. My journey continues to surprise me at every turn but I’m blessed and thankful for what I’m learning about myself and my own capacity for resilience. Today’s quote is helping me remember that I have a value worthy of strong investments.


I am investing in me across the board – I plan to buy a house worthy of me, I plan to find a partner worthy of me, and I have put time and effort into caring for me, because I am worth it.  What that means for me is unapologetically feeding my creative side; taking care of my body and mind; and doing what makes me feel good and brings me happiness.

Love yourself (today and everyday). Invest in yourself, you are worth it.


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