Wednesday Wisdom: Mindfulness Exercise 2

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Body Scan

Body Scanning is simple, easy and requires no extra props. Start by standing up, feet firmly planted on the floor but in a relaxed stance (feet about hip width apart). Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, noticing the rhythm. Then pay attention to your body:
how does it feel?

  • Are your clothes heavy or light? Can you feel them resting against your skin?
  • Are you sore anywhere?
  • Are you not having feeling or sensation anywhere?

Now you can start scanning - thinking about each body part starting with your toes and feet. Slowly move to your legs, then knees, thighs and bottom; next transition to your stomach, then lower back, then chest and ribs. Then focus on your shoulders, followed by your hands and arms. Finish with your neck...then face.

Once you are finished, take a few deep breaths then open your eyes and begin your next task.

healthy mind and healthy body mindfulness exercise

I hope everyone is having a happy and peaceful Wednesday!


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