Wednesday Wisdom: Mindfulness Exercise 1

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Ok people! I am committed to my Lent exercises this season and decided to make one of my intended best practices an addition to my life and blog routine. That means the next 40 days you get to enjoy my plunge into mindfulness exercises. I promise I will only post once one a week, but I am hoping to squeeze some of these meditations and practices into my busy schedule.

 “Mindfulness is not about trying to make sense of anything, it’s about attention to that moment.”


  • Pause your phone, tablet or email review for a quick second
  • Turn away from your device or put it down and sit for a moment and breathe, noticing the sensations in your body.
  • How do you feel? What can you hear? What do you feel?
  • Be Mindful. Live in the moment. Let go. If your mind wanders off to tasks or starts focusing on past challenges, let go. Bring your focus back to the present.
  • Just be wherever you are for a few moments.
Have a happy Wednesday!


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