Lent Check-In

Monday, March 20, 2017
This is the halfway point in the Lenten season and I was doing a self-assessment on meeting my goals and adhering to my commitment to sacrifice. I am officially rating myself a B- at this point in my 40 day journey, mainly because I have done a great job sticking to my subtractions but a subpar job on my additions.

I have been kicking butt not drinking soda or eating meat. I’m also very proud to say I have replaced negative self-talk with positive messages (instagram quotes and skittles serve as my reward). However, the area I am slacking the most in is working out and drinking greens. Although I am walking the dog more and walking around my office more, I haven’t added a respectable workout to my daily routine.  I’m hoping to kick that in gear sooner rather than later (wish me luck).

Silver lining so far is that I have made a better effort to pray, making sure I am talking to God consistently and openly. Asking for grace, guidance, and strength for all that is happening in my life. Thank you Lord!


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