Dear Grandma {I miss you}

Sunday, February 12, 2017
Dear Grandma Moore,
I just woke up from a nap (yup that was for both of us) and wanted to talk. I know you are watching over us from a comfy chair in heaven but I just wanted to put ink to paper (screen?? IDK how to say that with technology) and update you on a few things. I miss you!!!! Holidays havent been the same since you left. We are all still waiting for you to say grace over holiday meals and walk in with greens and pie. I say an extra curse word or two in your honor at family functions because somebody has to. 

Aiden is getting so big and Im sad you will only get to see him grow up from a far because he needs your discipline, your hugs, and your peanut butter cookies.  I know you visit him because he talks about the older ghost lady sometimes and that makes me feel better; although it creeps other people out which Im sure brings you some joy.  He started school a few weeks ago so please keep looking after him because he needs it!

Things are still a bit tense for the rest of us. I thought after you transitioned we would be able to lean on each other and it would bring us all closer but that didn't exactly happen. Mom and I are stillwhat we are. The sister is still distant, but you know that already so no need for me to go into more detail there. For the most part, Aiden is the common ground for us all but even that has its limits. Now, more than ever, I miss our time together, our real talks. I still listen to your voicemails every now and then, just to hear you say hello and wish me well. So thanks for saying hello and encouraging me!

In other news, your falcons went to the Super Bowl this year and lost. I know that must have been hard to watch even from where you are. I was secretly cheering for you but they weren't able to pull it off.  If you can do anything about the current political chaos, I welcome the help and strength. Also feel free to push me in the right direction when you see that I need it. I am working on improving -- trying to put Christ first; searching for a better partner (no bullshit and holding on to my standards this time); and working hard at being the best version of my sassy self. I even bought a leather skirt, which was just for you.

Im sorry I killed my plants; I know you would have made sure they stayed alive but my green thumb is not as advanced as yours. I would say Ill do better but we both know that would be pointless. I will try not to kill the aloe plant I got for Christmas (wish me luck). Anyway before I get too teary-eyed I'll just say thank you for the time we had together and for your continued love and support. I really do miss you.

--Love LeShaundra

My Late Grandmother

A woman of integrity, the vibrant and always joyful Essie L. Moore left us to be with the Lord on February 12, 2014.


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