House Hunting {Atlanta}

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Encouraged and empowered to journal more in 2017, I’m beginning to explore my new normal with more enthusiasm and you get to read all about it (sorry, not sorry).  I recently started the process of selling my house, so excuse me while I ramble a bit about moving, closing a chapter, and buying my second house at the ripe young age of 33. Here are just a few of my thoughts on the matter

1) Grateful - for an agent that is understanding, helpful and solution oriented. The honesty, excitement and general willingness to help is refreshing. Thank you Byron for reinforcing that I made the right choice. 

2) Second house regrets – my second house was supposed to be my dream house. In my mind the plan was for this house to have all the features I couldn't have in my first purchase. I was supposed to have the benefit of two incomes increasing the budget range and improving the zipcode. Instead, I’m buying a transition home, something to hopefully keep me until I settle down again (Sidebar: Is anybody else bothered by that phrase, why am I settling at all?). Regardless of my past, this is a new start and will mean a new home that hopefully comes with my new partner (preferably a Viking with a knack for building).

3) Rent or Buy? - the practical side of me wants to rent but the impatient side of me isn’t sure how sustainable that is with my complicated dog and need to be close to work. We will see where the wind and selling price take me but to rent or not to rent, that is the question.

4) Escape - I don't have time to house hunt, or prepare my house for sale, or even pack and move but the world moves forward regardless of timing. The one thing I do have is a strong desire to cut ties with this house; its walls hold the burden and weight of a broken marriage. Some days it feels like a prison and other days it reminds me of one of my greatest accomplishments to date, becoming a homeowner. I bought this house a few years ago, naive of what was to come but proud to be able to buy it and sustain with the fruits of my labor. “Hard work pays off” was what I said to myself when I signed the paperwork. That and my hand is cramping up from all this signing. It was an amazing feeling getting those keys but it has become a burden to maintain.

5) A Place to Call Home - I’m ready to move into the city but realize I’m a burbs girl living in a 20 something singles world. No I don't want a loft. Yes an HOA has purpose. No I am not biking to work. Yes I need legitimate parking. Yes my dog is nice despite being a restricted breed. Yes I need move-in ready. No I don't want to live near Ponce City Market. So many questions yet my underlying fear is that I wont find a place to call home.

All in all, I’m super excited for the next 3 weeks -- packing, downsizing, and squatting with friends if necessary. The search is on and I’m certainly up for the challenge!


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