Meaning of Christmas {Ask A Toddler}

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to ask the three year old (almost 4) about the meaning of Christmas.  Here is a snippet from our conversation. 

Me: What does Christmas mean?
A: Nothing 
Me: Come on be seriouswhat happens at Christmas what does it mean?
A: You get presents You have a great a holidayIt means snow – that's my favorite part. *giggles* Zeus’ second name is Sniffer so Zeus SnifferCan I play toys.
Me: Ok we can change his name on his birth certificate. Did you know Christmas also means spending time with family (me, Granny and PaPa)?
A: No I am playing with Zeus right now. And he thinks it is about being a holiday. Can we play hide and seek.
Me: well sure but at some point we need to talk about Jesus. 

Not quite what I expected but pleasant just the same. I encourage you to ask a toddler just about anything, it is guaranteed to brighten your mood. 
Elf Approved w/ Snow (his favorite)


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