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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
I thought yesterday was difficult but today proved even harder. I woke to a President elect that I just can't stand behind or support. I woke up to disappointment in my country, my fellow Americans, and the electoral college. I have so much fear for what comes next in the pro-Trump community I call home, my employment status, my finances (i.e. Retirement), and my work in public health.

I have my own 100 day plan for Trump’s initial days in office that I'm currently working through:
1) Cry and cry some more since the weight and pain of racism and sexism are drawing the tears from my eyes
2) Pray!!!
3) Continue to express my sadness, anger, and disbelief (be vocal that this is #notmypresident)
4) Adjust my retirement allocations
5) Sell my house, I need to put it on the market before January
6) Research acquiring property in a more progressive state or county (maybe another country)
7) Save my money for all possible emergencies including incarceration or violent injury
8) Register for a gun permit and prepare to carry (protecting myself is a new priority)
9) Don't have any children because this country is determined to kill them and their dreams (plus this isn't a good time to be hormonal)
10) Avoid difficult conversations with my nephew about the state of our nation.
11) Keep cash in foreign currencies (except the British pound)
12) Have an exit strategy for work since being a federal employee might be an issue soon
13) Find my faith again in democracy
14) Hold my nephew tighter and with more love.
15) Find a husband internationally (it's worth expanding my horizons, right?)
16) Get as much done at work as possible until transition is complete! Public health is important, it has purpose.

It is a pretty reasonable list if you ask me, I'm sure I will be adding items as the days of inauguration inch closer. Hopefully, I'm able to accomplish my goals as I countdown the days to when I can exercise my right to vote again.


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