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Monday, September 5, 2016
For my birthday I was gifted a copy of The Five-Minute Journal. Post divorce, I have been on this kick to try new experiences and restore myself. The journal has been a great exercise in gratefulness and daily affirmation. One fun concept in the journal is the weekly challenge, a series of tasks from week to week to help you step outside the box of comfort and onto the platform of personal growth.  I wanted to share this week’s challenge since it was very difficult for me and in turn exponentially helpful.

Weekly challenge: write yourself a love letter and say everything you love about yourself
image of a letter with a heart
Honestly I didn't really know where to start because my marriage upended my love for myself and I’m still struggling with my own confidence as a result. Despite that I wrote myself a letter

Dear LC,

I know you don't hear this enough from me but I LOVE YOU. You don't need validation from anyone, including yourself because you are the daughter of a king.  GOD LOVES YOU! You are an amazing spirit and everyday you have to walk this earth is a blessing so continue to appreciate everything. I know you don't believe this, but you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. You are more than the measure of your physical appearance (although you aren’t too bad on the eyes 😉). Believe in your ability to do anything you set your mind to! I love that you are determined and hard working (even if it means sacrificing the feeling to procrastinate). I love that you are loyal and giving, wanting to help any and everyone around you because you want them to have all that they deserve in life (which is everything). You are surround by remarkably kind, patient and loving human beings (friends & family), which is no accident. Embrace their love and believe them when they support you with kind words.

I love that you haven’t given up on love despite the rockiest of roads in that department. I love that you embrace your inner nerd and geek out when you think nobody is watching. Your laugh is the genuine article and your humor and sarcasm are worth the price of admission. I love how the insecurities from your youth still make it onto post-it notes and into inner monologues to motivate you to improve. He said you never listened. He said you weren’t feminine enough or sexy. He said you were cold. He said you weren’t passionate. He said you weren’t supportive. He said you were a bad communicator. He said you were over analytical. He was an idiot. Don't believe him you are whatever you want to be and that is what makes you amazing. You define you! Your ability to transition from bartender, to DJ, to counselor, to office manager, to mother hen, to artist, to musician, to wife, to chef and more just proves that you are a woman of many talents. You are a unicorn in a world without magic; a woman with a unique perspective, always willing to try something new or learn something more. 

You are a precious stone, tattoos and all and someone that appreciates that is out there. You are a great daughter, sister, auntie, partner and friend. You are appreciated and not hearing it doesn't make it false. You deserve the future you want and are entitled to get there on the path of your choosing. Remember you are a bad ass even though you cry sometimes on your drive home from work. You have been taking care of yourself for a long time and you managed to find success. Keep up the good work, keep doing what you’re doing and keep being yourself.  LeShaundra is worth it! Remember you are a gift that keeps on giving. Remember what stars do and shine, don't let anyone steal your light. Everyday you wake up, be thankful for God’s grace and tell yourself, I love you!

With all my love, 
LeShaundra M. Cordier (2016)


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