Motivational Monday {July 11 Quotes}

Monday, July 11, 2016

The last few weeks (hell decades) have been difficult and racism is the topic of conversation for many. Living in the south as an African American continues to be struggle for me, especially in the last few days.  Despite all the pain, suffering, and loss of life this week, I tried to surround myself with friends, family, and positivity; mostly to help numb the pain and forget my own recent incidents with racism. From the systematic racism at my office to the overtly racist heckling we received during our girls night out on Saturday, racism is alive and growing. After the news coverage of Dallas I realized today was going to be difficult and required some extra motivation so I am sharing a few quotes that capture some of my own feelings

MLK Injustice Quote |BlackLivesMatter | Cordier Events

Better Days quote | Black Lives Matter | Cordier Events

Malcolm X quote | Black Lives Matter | Cordier Events


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