Summer Picnic Ideas

Sunday, June 5, 2016
Atlanta has some pretty amazing parks and outdoor festivals, including Jazzfest.  Mixing vendors, great music, and the residents of Georgia, this event does not disappoint. Celebrating the impending arrival of summer and the recent Memorial Day weekend (at Jazzfest) has me thinking about spending more time enjoying friends and family in our local atmosphere. With that mindset, here are a few of my must-haves for a summer festival or picnic.

Cordier Events tips for summer cover photo

  • Finger foods – easy to make, easy to buy, easy to pack.  You want small portions either for small hands or just regular snacking. Keep it simple and picnic basket appropriate.

pinwheel sandwiches and appetizers

  • Adult Capri Suns – nothing says summer like portable frozen cocktails.

frozen adult capri sun drinks

  • Desserts in Mason Jars – banana pudding is my go to but you can take your pick.  I bring my own serving in case the group share starts to get out of hand.

mason jar dessert

  • Bug-Spray and Sun Screen – With Zika and West Nile and the blazing hot sun on the prowl it is important to always protect your skin and body.

sunscreen and bug spray

  • Games – Cards Against Humanity have become the staple but you can play anything.

cards against humanity

Make sure you also bring good friends and lots of fun! Enjoy the summer good people.

friends having fun at Piedmont park


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