Birthday Party-to-Go

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
This weekend was my Vegas concert trip. Since the trip was intended to be a destination birthday celebration I couldn't really have the full scale party set-up I prefer, you know with balloons, cake, and fun décor.  I still wanted to make sure we did something special for the birthday girl so I modified my party-in-a-box into something simpler and plane friendly. With a few party supplies we had all the makings of a classic birthday party, Vegas style.

The container included:
  • Custom Card – designed, printed and cut to fit a super cute envelope
  • Birthday Bling – since it was Vegas I went with flashy everything; a sash for the birthday girl and a light-up bracelet and ring
  • Swag – considering our destination I went with themed items, key chain and bottle opener
  • Sweets – in the absence of a cake I went with candy (chocolate kisses and dice lollipops)
  • Travel size alcohol - sealed for transport and 3 ounces or less based on TSA regulations
  • Decorations – I went with streamers simple and easy to put up
  • Bonus Item: 5 hour energy since our birthday girl was flying in on an over night flight I figured she could use the boost

custom birthday card
Birthday Card for the Birthday Girl
supplies for a destination birthday

packing birthday to go container

container stuffed with birthday supplies
packed and ready to go

This made the perfect gift and included all the essentials of any good party!

PS: I was able to get all items in my carry-on bag and through airport security without issue.


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