Concert Weekend {RiRi+Bey}

Monday, April 4, 2016
I was presented with two opportunities to spend some time with my favorite friends a few thousand strangers.  In an effort to say yes to fun I impulsively agreed to two concerts in what will go down in my history as one epic weekend. 

Riri and Bey Concert Weekend photo

What Happened
My old school besties were in town to ring in the New Year and plan a birthday celebration for one of our own.  Vegas they said. Rihanna they said.  Throwing schedules and planning aside, I said “I’m in” and that was that.  While waiting patiently to get affordable airfare to Vegas the super bowl happened. Beyoncé announced a tour and I declared I would pass. I saw her in concert the last time she graced Atlanta with her presence and came to terms with missing this show.   Then my college bestie sent a group text, if I can get tickets are you in?... I found myself typing yes thinking we won’t get them so it won’t matter.  Fast-forward a few hours and my text led indicator is flashing green.  “Got em!!!!!!!!!!!!” flashed across my screen.  Then I had a realization that these events in opposite time zones are happening the same weekend.

The Plan
Do everything and have fun!  It is that simple.  No kids, no husbands just us ladies and a good time. I will fly into Vegas with friends, see family, party like its 1999 with Rihanna and then sleep until lunch on Saturday.  Then I wake up, stuff my face, gamble a bit and fly out on a redeye. The plan is to land at 6:30am catch a nap, the get up and get dressed to celebrate Beyonce in all her glory.  Thursday – Sunday is going to be chaos and I plan to take off Monday and sleep, mainly because I’m 32 and I need at least one day to recover.

My Weekend Survival Kit
concert essentials

1) Easygoing attire – rompers, party dresses, travel clothes and shoes, visit my outfit board for details
2) Book bag – in lieu of a suitcase I’m book-bagging it for this quick trip, packing light is a must
3) Cash – money for tips, snacks, and essentials
4) Boosters + Snacks (immune and energy)  - I’m going to need to fuel up with all this travel and avoid being sick at all costs.
5) Tickets – not tickets, no show

I can’t wait for this weekend! The countdown begins


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