Charles Drew {Black History}

Monday, February 8, 2016

Today's Know Your History #CelebrateBlackHistory post...

Charles Richard Drew, born in Washington DC on June 3, 1904 was a surgeon and medical researcher. Dr. Drew was the first African-American to earn his Doctor of Medical Science degree from Columbia University. His research focused on blood transfusions and he developed and improved techniques for blood storage, which lead to the development of large-scale blood banks during World War II. A pioneer in his field, Charles Drew’s work resulted in what would become the American Red Cross Blood Bank. Dr. drew also protested against racial segregation practices for the donation of blood. Drew received numerous awards and even served as an advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General while traveling through post-war Europe. A husband, father, physician, surgeon, researcher, and professor, Dr. Charles R. Drew was a prominent African-American whose legacy we celebrate.

“I feel that the recent ruling of the United States Army and Navy regarding the refusal of colored blood donors is an indefensible one from any point of view. As you know, there is no scientific basis for the separation of the bloods of different races except on the basis of the individual blood types or groups.” - Dr. Charles Drew(1942)


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