Snow Globe Gift Cards {Crafts}

Friday, December 11, 2015
I needed fun Christmas gifts to fit a winter wonderland theme. In true form, I saw this as an opportunity for a craft project. I decided to get gift cards and make snow globe cardholders. It was simple, easy and incredibly cheap (not including the gift cards).

- Snow globes –bought these at Michael’s during a 50% holiday merchandise sales
- Fake Snow - I used Buffalo Artificial Snow
- Ribbon
- Gift cards

All you do is wrap the gift card in ribbon, then add snow to the globe, insert and position your gift cards, and then seal.  It’s just that simple.

These snow globes are waterproof if you prefer to add water and glycerin for a real snow globe. I opted for fake snow because my gift cards were paper-based. Fun, easy, and cute! The great thing is the recipients can remove the card and make their own snow globe when they get home!

finished products


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