Monogram Holiday Wreath {DIY}

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Last year we bought a wreath as part of a charity fundraiser at my husband’s office.  Since he switched offices this year I was in need of door décor and decided to just make my own.

Cordier Events Holiday Wreath red and silver

  • 24" Noble Fir Wreath By Celebrate It ($3.99 at Michaels)
  • Floral Wire (my own)
  • Red Ornaments (my own)
  • Silver and Red glitter Christmas picks (.98 cents Wal-Mart)
  • Wooden Letter "S" for Scott ($1.50 at Michaels)
DIY wreath photos with intstructions

Fist I placed the wreath base on a flat surface and then positioned the accents where I wanted them to sit including the monogram wooden letter. Once satisfied with the placement, I began attaching each element with floral wire. I then added some red holiday ornaments and secured the letter in the center (again using floral wire). Make sure you thread the wire around the wreath frame to ensure it’s secure.  Once finished, you are ready to hang. I made this wreath for our front door and the end result was great.

Cordier Events Hanging ornament Wreath
Amazing what $12 dollars and 25 minutes can get you!


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