Hot Chocolate Holiday Happiness

Sunday, December 20, 2015
We finally had a cold snap move through Atlanta so I thought it would be a good time to rejoice in my favorite holiday treat and appreciate all the happiness that hot chocolate brings. Many of you know I'm not a coffee drinker so hot chocolate is my winter drink obsession! Here is how I enjoy my hot chocolate -- a delicious drink of champions.

hot cocoa and holiday cookies

  • The right mug – I tend to collect mugs from our travels so we have a ton of coffee cups despite not drinking any coffee. The right mug for cocoa is big, so you can maximize the amount of cocoa you have.    
  • Milk – some people like to make hot chocolate with water others with milk. I do either but prefer to use both warm milk and hot water when mixing my cocoa.
  • Chocolate chips - I like adding white chocolate chips to my cocoa for the extra chocolate boost. They melt quickly and are a great and optional add-on.
  • Secret ingredient – my secret sauce is flavored coffee creamer. I love French vanilla or Dulce de Leche. I add a tablespoon or two to my mug for extra sweetness and flavor.

Making Hot Chocolate

Then you just enjoy. This morning I borrowed my husband’s favorite mug (since all mine were in the dishwasher).  

hot cocoa in a mug


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