1-Day Business Trip {Must-Haves}

Monday, November 2, 2015
Mid-week travel is a gift and a curse. Yes there are shorter lines at the airport, but cutting into my already busy weekly routine can be exhausting and disruptive. I think I handled my recent 1-day business trip to Washington, DC like a champ, despite the hump day travel arrangements. Here are some of my must-haves for quick trips:
Cordier Events Must-Haves for Quick Trips

(1) Tote/ Carry-On -I love my Coach tote and I never leave home without it. On short trips like my DC travel, it came in handy and saved me a checked bag fee. 

(2) Laptop + Case - I can't do work without them. Thank you wifi for letting me work anywhere. And special thank you to Mosiso for such a cute case.

(3) Shout and Lysol - you never know when you will have a germ or stain emergency. I'm clumsy and non-attentive when I'm eating and shout wipes have saved me on many occasions.

(4) Headsets - not just for keeping phone calls private or listening to music; headsets are also a great way to pretend to be distracted and people watch. 

(5) Bite sized snacks - you have to keep your blood sugar regulated people. When on the go it isn't always easy to figure out where or what to eat. Having a few healthy and purse (or bag) friendly snacks on hand can be helpful. KIND snacks are one of my travel go-to favorites.  

(6) Cute comfy flats - Airport walking, suit case lugging, and meeting scrimmages all require a functional shoe with enough pizzazz to transition from casual to professional without skipping a beat. I love a fun ballet flat and keep a pair in my bag at all times. 

(7) Airborne - because I always get sick when I travel. Airborne also makes dual action tablets for immune and energy boosting.

All work and no play but thank you DC for a productive time, see you again next year!!!


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