Kid Painted Pumpkins {Toddler Crafts}

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
I was looking for an easy and creative Halloween themed morning activity for the two year old. We have already decorated pumpkins with stickers (super easy and mess free) but after carving big pumpkins with Granny and Papa the kid has been borderline obsessed with decorating pumpkins. Pumpkin carving was of zero interest to me so we went with the next best thingpainting.

3 small pumpkins- Cordier Events cover photo

Trader Joes had mini toddler-sized pumpkins for .69 cents this weekend, which was a sign from the heavens that this project was going to happen. We picked a handful for painting and few others just for the decorating the house.  I have tons of left over acrylic paint from several projects, which meant this was going to be an outside task. Armed with a paint shirt, giant brushes, and plastic tarp I set up shop after breakfast and we painted until our hearts were content.

pumpkins and paint

multi-colored acrylic paints

toddler painting pumpkins

Happy Pumpkin Painting

Clean up involved me taking off a paint shirt, rolling up the tarp, and washing brushes and tiny hands. All in all it was 30 minutes of fun for a lifetime memory.  The kid has been talking about painting pumpkins for days now!  Good job TeeTee J

finished painted pumpkins
"A" for Awesome Baby A


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