17 Stories Down {Rappelling for Charity}

Monday, October 19, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to rappel (yes lower myself down a building on ropes) for a good cause! Shatterproof, a national organization dedicated to protecting children from addiction to alcohol and drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by addiction, staged one of their Shatterproof Challenge Rappelling events in Atlanta and I participated.

shatterproof rappel event

A simple conversation around our leadership table became one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life! I wanted to show support for my boss and others attending this event and when I volunteered I can honestly say I wasn’t fully aware of my decision.  Rappelling as a part of a movement to honor loved ones in recovery and to remember those we have lost sounds like a great idea in the safety of a conference room.  Fast-forward to standing at the bottom of the United Way Building looking up at 17 stories of concrete and glass and you start to process the gravity of that choice.  Regardless of the initial and appropriate fears, I signed all the legal waivers and suited up for a great cause, that has affected my own family in many ways.  

I honestly can say that it wasn’t as bad as I expected and I’m so proud of myself for being able to accomplish something quite amazing and completely insane.  For a solid hour I found my inner thrill seeker and my 10-minute walk down the building taught me a great deal about myself.  Maybe it was the fear, but I learned:
  • I’m stronger and better at rapelling than I thought,
  • Buildings are taller than they appear, and
  • You just have to step off the ledge on faith! 

United Way shatterproof rappel | Cordier Events

Cordier Events on the ledge shatterproof rappel

going over the building shatterproof rappel event

Cordier Events down the Building shatterproof rappel event

Me down the building shatterproof rappel event

strongerthanaddiction shatterproof rappel event Oct 6

Finished Photo shatterproof rappel event Oct 6

In the end, I helped raise money for the prevention, treatment and recovery of addiction and took a stand to end stigma. I can now scratch something off my bucket list that I've always wanted to do – be a superhero!


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