{Summer Fun} 5 Kid Approved Car Snacks

Monday, August 17, 2015
Summer is coming to a close, which means it's time for one last road trip! Our annual end of the summer trek to New Orleans is coming at the end of the month so that means I'm in full prep mode! Keeping in tune with our kid friendly summer picks theme, today's post will focus on road trip snacks!

After weeks of summer camp and random schedules we have accumulated a few car friendly, kid tested, and parent approved snacks that will help keep our sanity between pit stops and CD changes!  Check out our top 5 car snacks that just happen to be mostly healthy and completely affordable!!!

1) DIY Trail Mix – we buy our nuts in bulk courtesy of Costco and since we have picky eaters we make our own varieties of trail mix.  Our house favorites are cashews, almonds, Simply Balanced fruit bites, and dried fruit (apricots or cranberries). I throw them in individual snack bags or containers so everyone has their own perfectly portioned stash!

Cashews, Walnuts, and Simply Balanced Fruit Bites

2) Roasted Chickpeas – not just for movie night these make a great road trip (in the car) snack. We love doing a sugar and cinnamon combo for a sweet seasoning but you can do anything from spicy to savory (your choice).  A can of chickpeas is .79 cents people! Just bake in the oven for 20 minutes then toss with your favorite spices.

3) Cereal Snack Mix – this is a snack that happens when we run low on cereal. We do a free-for-all and create a mix from our favorites. We are a cheerios and granola household with a touch of Sunrise® Crunchy Vanilla (by Nature’s Path). I dump them into container when we reach the end of a box, shake lightly then add them to snack bags when the time is right!

Toasted Os + Sunrise Vanilla Crunch 

4) Go-Go Squeeze (or applesauce pouches) – we aren’t making out own applesauce yet (sorry Pinterest) but we love Go-Go squeeze.  All flavors rock!  We are big fans of the fruit and veggie combos (I mean you Zippin Zingin Pear). The 2 year old LOVES them and can eat them without aid and minimal mess, plus he loves the “helicopter” top.

5) Deconstructed Lunchables – Gob bless the person that invented compartmentalized lunch containers. Throw in some deli turkey, a mini fruit salad, cheese and some brown rice crackers (or pita chips) and it's officially a party!  You can add fruits and veggies or cookies if you prefer, just know that if you have a cranky toddler that loves his own “plate” this snack is a must!

Turkey + Cheddar, Dried Apricots + Pita Crackers

Honorable Mentions: (1) Frozen yogurt squeeze tubes thank you Trader Joe’s and our freezer for this fun treat (2) Cliff Kids Fruit Ropes, mixed berry was Aiden’s favorite (3) Lara Bars, apple pie and blueberry were the standout favorites for both kids (and the Husband) this summer! 

If you're looking for more healthy snack ideas check out Healthy Snacks for Kids.


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