Adventures in ToddlerLand: The Kitchen Experiment

Monday, August 24, 2015
I spent the weekend taste testing new toodler friendly food ideas and attempting to get a very inquisitive 2 year old to eat green beans, aka green French fries. I'm going to start affectionately refering to these extended moments of time as Adventures in ToddlerLand. For today's blog we have an excerpt from the chapter titled, The Kitchen Experiment...

Young Aiden wakes from his slumber, complete with bed head and toddler morning breath and immediately wants hugs, kisses, and orange juice; not at all in that order.

"Where's my cup? Is it with the bulldozers?"

And with that question our morning begins as he attempts to master a 2 minute game of why-- "why not, why is it in the fridge, why can't we see the bulldozer now, why do I have to take off my socks, why is my milk downstairs...why, why, why, why?"

Running out of answers to all his questions, I attempt to create a diversion "what do you want for breakfast, oatmeal or eggs?

A very simple question with limited choices and yet the reply is "I not want oatmeal eggs, I not want breakfast, can I play with my monster truck?"

And so it begins another day of navigating the toddler mind map and negotiating interest over needs. With a heavy sigh and a monster truck in hand we make our way to the kitchen. Then is dawns on me, I passed on going to the grocery store on Friday evening because the cute and cranky kid in my backseat wasn't having it. Concession gets real when you remmember you don't have the key staples to keep the 2 yr old happy and minimze the terrorist threats that often accompany tantrums. What should I do, I don't have waffles or oatmeal, eggs were rejected, toast and fruit all denied. What can I try with bare minimum essentials? 

Queue a second monster truck and crayons while I scour Pinterest for ideas. 

Lo and behold success on epic levels; 3-ingredient pancake recipe, toddler cereal ideas, and creative ways to eatbananas all help restore the balance. I managed to save the day and prevent the snickers commercial that was in the making...

I made these silver dollar pancakes with yogurt, egg and flour. First I kept him occupied with a small bowl of Cheerios and yogurt, so he could practice eating "big boy cereal", while I cooked the main event. These were definitely a victory in the battle for sanity in ToddlerLand.


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