Summer Grillin {Sunday Funday}

Sunday, July 12, 2015
We wanted to throw some meat on the grill and enjoy the hot July sun, which is exactly what we did this weekend! Summer grillin at its finest...

In 2 hours we threw together a very impromptu backyard grill session then invited a few folks to come enjoy the spoils of war.  

On the menu were turkey dogs, chicken sausage, steak, and hamburgers. For sides the 11 year-old niece and I whipped up a chopped caprese salad, loaded smashed  potatoes skillet, and grilled parmesan broccoli (yum). Then to top it all off we had mini peach cobbler desserts with vanilla ice cream and vodka pink lemonade!

The food was excellent and my husband showcased his skills on the grill. We ate, laughed, and watched a few movies before the thunderstorms started! A great ending to a fun weekend!


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