Cow Appreciation Day {2015}

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
July 14th is HERE!!!!! Happy #CowAppreciationDay good people! For my fellow Chick-fil-A lovers it is that time of year where dressing up like a spotted arm animal can earn you a free entrée!

Last year we went all out with painted shirts and this year is no different!  This year our niece Bria from Pittsburgh was here so we printed masks the night before and dressed for the occasion; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She had never been to Chick-Fil-A until she came to visit us this summer so we had to show her what Cow Appreciation Day is all about!

If you're looking for cow spots check out the free download from my 2014 blog post! You can also find more downloads at

cow mask
print + cut + wear

kid wearing cow mask
11 yr old Bria rocking her first #CowAppreciationDay mask

 Breakfast was great!!!!!


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