Healthy Dinner for Two Ideas {Marriage Fun}

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
When you have limited diet restrictions or (like us) have conflicting diet programs sometimes dinner and date night can be a struggle.  My husband and I currently have two separate meal plans; he is doing a 30-day paleo challenge and I’m halfway doing a clean eating experience. Eating out has been non-existent since we started these diets and when you want to have a romantic evening, dinner out is the typical go-to activity. We needed a healthy dinner date night alternative...

Thanks to our local Whole Foods I was able to find food we could both eat without me having to cook a single thing! Throw in a few candles, some left over valentines day decorations, and a bottle of wine (for me) and you have a healthy, romantic dinner for two at home!

Salad – balsamic dressing optional
Grilled Brussels sprouts (grated cheese optional)
Potatoes or mashed cauliflower

healthy dinner from whole foods

salmon and mashed cauliflower with wine

I kept the set-up simple, throwing a lace tablecloth over an under-the-bed storage container.  I lit a few votive candles, added some floor pillows, plated our meal, and turned our guest room into a romantic getaway.  We ate, talked and spent quality time together, all while maintaining our respective diets!

simple table using under the bed storage

floor pillows

love table setting dinner for two


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