Picnic Playdate in the Park {Party}

Friday, May 29, 2015
What do you do for summer birthdays? What do you do for birthdays that are already on an existing holiday? What do you do when you have 3 friends that all have children born within one month of each other? 

The answer to that is simple, you have a joint party with bare minimum planning and let the good times roll!  A few weeks ago we had a dilemma, we were facing 3 birthday parties, very little planning time, activity overload, and two pending holidays (Memorial day and Cinco De Mayo)! 
In a moment of genius and from the womb of necessity birthed the Picnic Playdate in the Park Birthday Party extravaganza!  It’s perfect when you think about it because we were able to:

  • Pull of 1 party for 3 toddlers,
  • Share resources (split the cost of cupcakes) and minimize costs,
  • Eliminate excessive presents/gifts,
  • Hang out with our favorite families,
  • Have limited clean-up responsibilities,
  • Tire out energetic toddlers (ensuring a sound night’s sleep for all),
  • Avoid RSVP shenanigans, and
  • Have an AWESOME time!

All it took was some cupcakes, a BYO (Bring Your Own) attitude, and a park to play in!  All guests were invited to bring their own picnic (food, chairs, beer, blankets, and sunscreen). We provided the bubbles, cupcakes, and occasional squirt of bug spray.  Then we just played for 2 hours,  take a look at how it all came together!
invitation for picnic playdate party by Cordier Events
sandwich  picnic playdate by Cordier Events
food prep
guests gathering at picnic playdate by Cordier Events
guest set-up

plady picnic party by Cordier Events
new friends - picnic playdate party

enjoying a basket picnic playdate party by Cordier Events

birthday boy blowing bubbles picnic playdate party

walking along picnic playdate party

picnic playdate party

mom and daughter picnic playdate party

playing ball picnic playdate party

After everything was said in done we spent $30, got some exercise, and had a great time eating melted cupcake frosting. Another successful event!


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