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Friday, April 10, 2015
Friday is here and despite all the pollen I’m in a great mood!  I wanted to take a moment and share some of the good news from my week. On Wednesday I accepted a job offer for a new position in my regular (everyday) life.  As careers go, I have been blessed in the field of health communication and have worked tirelessly as a civil servant. I love what I do and I enjoy the agency I work for and so far my journey in public health has been amazing!

Public health continues to be my passion and I’m fortunate I get to move to an area that allows me to grow in my field while still pursuing that passion.  My new job is going to be an adventure; I’m excited to work in management again and to learn about a new topic area (unintentional injury)!

I’m not taking a break from crafting, or blogging, or events because those activities help me keep my sanity but I just had to share the news and my testimonial that prayer, hard work, and perseverance really go a long way!  Never stop growing as a person, always challenge yourself and push yourself to pursue more it benefits you and those around you.

Thank you to all my prayer warriors that helped me during the application and interview process. Please keep praying for strength and grace as I move into the next chapter of my professional life!  

Quote about Moving Forward
Happy Friday Everyone! 


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