Earth Day - Save the Planet at Work

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Happy Earth Day everyone!  I was planning a craft project in honor or Earth Day and Admin Professionals but I was a little sidetracked with work projects so instead I’m joining the movement and sharing my “acts of green”. 

To support reducing energy consumption and efforts to leave a smaller ecological footprint, I’m working on making my new office a little greener. Here are some of the things I’m doing in my personal workspace to help make a healthier, more productive, green-friendly office environment.

Reducing energy usage – I have my computer set to the most energy saving settings, including sleep mode for when I step away from my desk. I’m also turning off devices and lights when not in the office.

Reducing paper usage – save a tree and digitize is the motto this week! The more I do online the less printing (and paper) required. We have SharePoint sites to aid with file sharing and storage but when I print, I’m eliminating blank pages and printing double-sided.

Reusable Containers – I keep a reusable water bottle and cup in my office instead of buying water bottles. I also use reusable containers and utensils for my lunch.

Recycling  - I’m fortunate to have an employer that offers recycling options in our break rooms.  I keep a recycling bin at my desk (or cardboard box) so I can recycle throughout my day.

Reducing travel- aside from participating in video and web conferencing for meetings and trainings, I hope to telecommute in the future. For now I carpool when going offsite for lunch and I’m looking into vanpool options for my commute. 

It may not be much but I took the pledge at to start doing my part to build a sustainable future and protect this planet.  I encourage you to do the same and spread the message to help reach a goal of two billion acts of green!

What are your #EarthDay acts of green?????


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