Snow Day {2015}

Thursday, February 26, 2015
My week has been consumed with winter weather advisories!! Atlanta had some snow, nothing significant but enough to merit a shutdown of work and extreme procrastination on my part.

snowday in atlanta 2015 -Cordier Events

So I had a free day off and a couple of late starts this week and all I managed to do was lay around in sweat pants and catch up on Netflix and freezer meals. I walked the dog in his first snow ever, Made some burritos, crafted a few bags, and caught up on season 2 of Orphan Black and a few other shows! Sure I could have used my time more efficiently but I DIDN'T WANT TO!!!!! 

Here are a few highlights from my day of leisure...
freezer burritos - Cordier Events

pitbull in the snow Cordier Events
snow photos - Cordier Events
snow photos - Cordier Events

To all our friends in the North and Midwest , Yes we do know how ridiculous this seems! Stay warm!


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