Ash Wednesday {2015}

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
This morning I went to church to receive my Ashes and the priest running services said something simple and profound that inspired this post. 

Like many other Catholics I struggle sometimes with what to give up for Lent. Yes I know that you don’t always have to “give something up” but still it is a struggle for me to focus on improving my spiritual self.   So in true form I was reflecting on prayer and still trying to figure out my list of sacrifices prior to walking into St. Joseph’s Church.  As I’m walking in the door (late because I hit snooze too many times) Father was speaking, he said “Brothers and Sisters, many of you obsess about what to give up for Lent and it doesn’t have to be complicated...just give up Sin. That’s what is important; it’s that simple, a simple answer from a simple priest.”

My mind was blown--He is right! I spend too much time trying to identify what I hold valuable and worthy of sacrifice that I don’t do the most basic thing, be a better Christian trying to live free of sin. He went on to say something even more insightful “God forgives you, so forgive yourself and get over it!” He told anecdote about parishioners that confess to him about sins from 20+ years ago that they are still holding on to and he can’t figure it out.  God forgives I know it in my heart yet I still blame myself for so many things. Repentance is important (especially today) but so is forgiveness and acceptance.

So I am starting my Lenten season on a note of positivity and I am freeing myself from sin and forgiving myself for mistakes. As I start another season of Lent Reflections I am going to focus on a short list of sins like:

  • lying (in any form even when being polite),
  • cruel speech ( negative remarks or indecent words against others)
  • not having grace in failure, and
  • not keeping promises (simple or complex).
I’m going to work on being a better Christian this season through forgiveness, honesty, integrity, and the good word of God.

Cordier Events - Ash Wednesday

I hope you all have a blessed Ash Wednesday!


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