London Honeymoon {TBT}

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Happy Throwback Thursday! Today I’m sharing about our honeymoon trip to London. 

london honeymoon Cordier Events
London isn’t exactly a traditional honeymoon destination but it was a place we both really wanted to go! And thanks to my amazing in-laws we were gifted the opportunity.  For 6 days and 5 nights we stayed in downtown London next to The Tower of London at Cheval Three Quays!  We had a one bedroom fully functional apartment right off the River Thames! After two days we figured out that Quays is pronounced “keys” and that really helped make our trip a lot easier because it ensured we could get back to our flat via taxi!

London was so amazing and despite the rain and fog, it's a really beautiful city.  During the day we were able to explore the city and participate in several double-decker bus tours. At night we ate, drank, and pub crawled in true fashion.  The food fit the weather (mostly meat, bread, and cheese) and the beer was outstanding! There is so much to do from shopping to theater to the standard tourist attractions that a week really wasn’t enough.

We walked just about everywhere but also had fun riding the tube and hailing a traditional black cab.  We celebrated all London had to offer and learned the importance of proper outerwear, sturdy (yet comfortable) boots, compact umbrellas, and minding the gap! I can’t really sum up the experience in one blog post but it was definitely a remarkably memorable trip. We hope to go back soon and do so much more!  

Some of my personal favorites during our trip were:
  • Tower of London (and the 800, 000 Red Poppies)
  • Big Ben (and the rest of Parliament Square)
  • Museum of London
  • National Gallery
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Piccadilly Circus

Poppies in London

Tower of London - Honeymoon
Tower of London
BigBen - London Honeymoon
Big Ben
Museum of London Exhibit
National Gallery Exhibit

National Gallery Exhibit
Rosetta Stone Museum Photo
Rosetta Stone

Buckingham Palace honeymone in London
Me outside the Palace
Piccadilly Circus
Scotts in London
**My only warning is about costs - Everything is so expensive and our measly American dollars aren’t as valuable so we spent over our budget enjoying the sites, despite the tons of free activities the city has to offer.


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