White Elephant Gift Ideas

Saturday, December 13, 2014
We attended two white elephant parties this season and struggled with what to get as gifts for the exchange.  White elephant parties can be fun and if you have a good group of friends with a great sense of humor they can be downright comical.  Most people give you a spending limit and I know you can use items from your home but we couldn’t find anything to repurpose so I went the purchase route.

I thought I would share my ideas for great white elephant party gifts.  Here are some suggestions that are low budget and don’t require advance planning (or shipping and are sure to please your fellow exchangers.
  • Alcohol (Wine, Growler, or Fifth)
  • Cute Socks – Target has socks from $1.50 – $6.99
  • Mug + Starbucks Coffee – buy from Starbucks or at other retailers
  • Candy – assorted bagged candy or chocolate bars all work! Check out Trader Joe’s they have great deals
  • Cute Tote Bag – Toms for Target $12fes
  • Coasters – Bed Bath and Beyond and Target both have fun coasters for under $10
  • Festive Containers – Ikea has various shapes, sizes, and patterns  for under $5
  • Ice Cube Trays –Ikea has these for .99 cents.
  • Board-Card Game Combos  - like Scrabble Slam Cards $6.33 at Walmart


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