Tree Trimming Birthday {Holiday Party}

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
My husband’s birthday is the week before Christmas and this year I decided to throw him a surprise party camouflaged as a tree trimming party!  It was a great way to get my tree decorated, gather our friends, and celebrate the hubby and the holiday!  

I used the Tiny Prints Whimsical Cheer invite and gift tags to accent the party!  I served plenty of holiday foods (mostly desserts), a few simple appetizers, holiday punch, and spiced red wine cider for our guests to enjoy. Check out some of the pics... Tiny Prints Whimsical Cheer invite gray

hot chocolate favors


simple flower arrangement and bottle décor
 decorated the tables with real holly from a bush in our yard

punch and cider
I wrapped cans in gift paper to hold silverware

cupcakes and tree cookies
cupcakes + tree cookies
pumpkin pie
birthday pumpkin pie

I convinced the husband I was planning a holiday party for a nearby friend for business, he had no clue what was going on which made it much more fun!
photo booth props

I set up a photo booth so people could take pictures while they decorated the tree and we had a blast! Swapping memories, watching Christmas movies and eating until we were stuffed! 


tree trimming
before and after tree trimming

Many of our friends had never been to a Tree Trimming so after a crash course we made the tree pretty! Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us, we love you all!




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