Kid Gift Exchange {Holiday Party}

Monday, December 22, 2014
Sunday was all kids, cookies, and wrapping paper ripping as we hosted our 2nd annual Holiday Kid Gift Exchange.  It is a pretty simple concept; we invite our favorite friends over for snacks and playtime and then exchange gifts.

This year we went with a reindeer theme and kept our gifts simple and our décor fun! Check out some of the photos!
evite from evite

pigs in blankets
pigs in blankets (with cheese)

christmas tree and snowman sandwich
holiday sandwiches

simple veggie tray
veggies + dip

cheese plate
simple cheese tray
reindeer chow Chex mix (peanut butter + white chocolate)
We served pigs in blankets (with cheese), holiday finger sandwiches, veggies, cheese, and Reindeer Chow (holiday Chex mix we made)!


reindeer favor box
reindeer favors boxes

reindeer jar from dollar store
reindeer favor jars for take home chow

date night baskets (movie night)

date night baskets (romantic dinner)
For gifts this year we gave books with matching plush toys and pjs for the kids and date night baskets for the moms.

entire group 2014


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