Holiday Party {Must-Haves}

Monday, December 8, 2014
For those hosting a holiday soiree this year, there are a few things guaranteed to make your party season bright!  Here are my must-haves for any Christmas party this holiday season...

Holiday Music & Movies – create your very own holiday party playlist to set the mood; feel free to Spotify if you don’t have time to pull together your favorites.  You can also put classic Christmas movies on the TV (muted is my recommendation) to have some added festive background.

Party Favors – weather you hand out your Christmas cards (why not save a stamp) or DIY something awesome it’s always good to give your guests a parting gift, mainly if you have a small crowd.

Tree (or related décor) – Christmas parties need trees (real, fake, or painted on a wall). If a tree isn’t your thing decorate how you see fit! But nothing says party like Christmas lights and ornaments, if you ask me.

Fun and Festive Details – from invites to coasters to cute glassware the details do make a difference!  You can keep it simple or you could go all out, either way having a few fun accents will give any holiday party that extra sparkle.

Food and Drink – yes your friends came to eat which means you can’t wow them with a new recipe (or your ability to order food), throw in a holiday punch and a bottle of something fizzy and all will be right in the world!

Fashion Sense – you also need to sparkle and shine (or at least be showered).  Aside from an UGLY sweater party just find holiday styles that suite you and the party mood you are trying to set.  Look good, feel good is what they say!
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