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Wednesday, December 10, 2014
In preparation for an upcoming Tree Trimming party I decided we needed a Christmas photo booth so this week I used a few simple items to turn one of my dining room walls into a festive photo booth!

DIY holiday photo booth Cordier Events

Our DIY photo booth has 4 main components:

1.      Christmas Lights – left over from my adventures in decorating

2.      Backdrop – made out of wrapping paper (find a design that fits your theme)

3.      Signage – instructions, Merry Christmas sign and more made from scrap paper and card stock

4.      Props – free printable from TalkCraftyToMe.com

I cut my wrapping paper the length of the wall; positioned it and tapped it up!  Since we are having a tree trimming party I went with ornament wrapping paper! Then I made my Merry Christmas sign with craft paper!  Afterward, I hung string lights (with tape) as a frame. 

Next step was to print the props; I used heavy duty card stock, cut them out and glued them to dowels with my hot glue gun. Add a festive set of instructions with a #hashtag and your photo booth is done. 

It only took 30 minutes to make and was an easy way to add some pizazz to my party!  All that's missing are my guests and their camera phones!

finished photo booth

holiday photo booth sign

holiday photo booth Cordier Events


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