Friendsgiving Tips {2014}

Monday, November 24, 2014
This weekend we celebrated Friendsgiving and it was awesome! Special thanks to J + V for hosting us again this year!   Last year was my first experience with Friendsgiving and I immediately fell in love; foods, friends, spiked punch, and games without the holiday stress.

It really is a great primer for Thanksgiving dinner and just a fun way to get your friends together before the holiday season kicks into full gear.  Here are some of my tips for a successful Friendsgiving along with some of the things I enjoyed this weekend.

Potluck planning – potluck is a coordinate your potluck meals wither with GroupMe or Facebook but either way the more the diversity the better! We were able to self-select side dishes and worked together to cover all the delicious favorites: mashed potatoes, green beans, samosas, mac and cheese (with bacon people).
Games – atmosphere is important and often shaped by your guest list but it doesn’t hurt to have some ice breakers and games planned for after people finish eating.  Poker was our planned activity which is always fun. But in a fun twist, instead of also watching college football (it was on in the background) we played Mahjong, after a quick crash course from our hosts of course.
Keep your guest list small – aside from the obvious reasons like table space and cost effectiveness having fewer names to remember and more intimate conversation makes me happy as a guest!  We had a group of about 12 and it was perfect!
Stock the bar – This tip is for the drinkers out there. Whether guests bring a bottle or you provide the drinks, having enough to drink (non-alcoholic included) is important. Friendsgiving can go on for hours which means drinking will too! 

All in all, it was a perfect night that reminded me how very thankful I am for such wonderful friends!!! We enjoyed amazing food and made some great memories! Dinner flowed naturally, games stayed friendly, and my wine glass was never empty!

dessert for Friendsgiving
One of my favorite desserts- Banana Pudding
our contributions this year (dessert and pasta salad)

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