TV Tray Upcycle {Crafts}

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Recently I started sprucing up our guest room to prepare for some overnight guests and was in need of multifunctional furniture pieces that were affordable.  Since we're in that waiting period for wedding gifts, I didn't want to waste money buying nightstands or end tables when we may have gift cards coming that could help us make a more long term purchase.  I found a temporary solution that worked out great; I decided to upcycle some TV trays and put them to good use!

TV Tray Upcycle
Target had folding TV trays for $8 which was a great deal.  Then while I was hunting for paint I found wall decals and thought why not save myself some time and create a removable protective layer that will allow the trays to be used as individual dining tables or nightstands.  It turned out great and I realized I can swap out decals as often as I like  (or even customize them for specific people) especially since it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish! 

folding tray and wall decal
1) open the tray and wipe down the surface

cutting decal
2) cut the decal to the size of the tray

Peel and stick decal to tray
3) Peel and stick

4) Use accordingly

I'm happy with the finished product...but can't wait to try the Ikea hack that will replace this temporary fix!


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