Garage Sale: August {Affordable Events}

Friday, August 15, 2014
This month's affordable even is actually one that may make you a profit. Is your house full of items you plan to donate to good will or need to purge? Well ours was and after talking to some neighbors and taking inventory we decided to have a garage sale!
Garage Sale
We provided the drive way and the rest was just a fun Saturday hanging out in lawn chairs!  We invited neighbors (and friends) to set up their own tables to sell items. Then made it a party complete with music, food and helping hands!
Venue: Your driveway
Total Cost: $15
  • bottled water
  • price tags (you can use premade price stickers or make your own)
  • tables
  • bug spray and sunscreen
  • clothing racks
  • tools (as needed)

We had a great time, made some money but also learned what to do for next time! I wanted to share a few helpful tips/hints if you are planning to have a garage sale...
Ø  Advertise online and with signage
Ø  Be willing to negotiate (people love to haggle and get deals)
Ø  Dress comfortably
Ø  Group items that are similar
Ø  Have a $1 or Free Bin
Ø  Have change
Ø  Recruit Help – you will need someone to watch smaller items and help with multiple customers
Ø  Price everything
*I had an increasing number of questions for planning ideas and events for the budget savvy. I thought why not start a reoccurring feature of budget and bargain friendly parties, soirees, and more. Our Affordable Events series is design on a dime the Cordier Events way! We welcome comments, feedback, and your personal ideas or party creations.


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