Cow Appreciation Day {2014}

Friday, July 11, 2014
For those that don't know, today (July 11th) is Cow Appreciation Day! Wherever there is a Chick-fil-A, if you dress up like a cow you get free food (yummy)! 

To celebrate, a group of us got all decked out in cow gear and went to our local Chick-fil-A for lunch today! It is casual Friday after all!

visit for more details !


Special thanks to the staff at Chick-fil-A Chamblee Plaza

DIY for those wondering...
I made my own accessories this year, using acrylic paint and an old tank top! 

paint and brush

painting white tshirt

DIY Cow tank top

drying tank top black and white

I added additional cow spots to my costume by printing on white full sheet labels.  Here is the pattern I made for easy download: Cow Spot Printable Just print on label paper, cut out, and you’re done!
We take our Chick-fil-A very seriously around here! #CowAppreciationDay

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