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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vetting bridesmaid dresses from afar can be very difficult! One of my favorite brides has been gracious enough to send picture messages, emails, and reassurance that no decisions will be made until people have been able to view and critique.

Just when I thought her consideration for those so many miles away couldn’t possibly be amplified, I received my link to her Weddington Way showroom. She had picked a variety of dresses and wanted our opinions.  In the simplest of terms all we had to do was decide like or dislike (check yes or no). Then we were allowed to provide comments and explanation if we wanted for each dress. There is even an option for us to suggest dresses to her that we like! After I made my suggestions I was then contacted by a stylist to help me with questions and other services related items. THANK YOU, seriously, thank you!

I’m excited about this for several reasons:

1)      60% of my bridal party lives out of state so I may be using this site for myself

2)     I can see the dresses she likes and in the color she has chosen

3)     I can share my feedback even though I am thousands of miles

4)     I can order my dress directly and it tells me timeline for delivery

So thank you again Tia for letting me Say Yes to the Dress (electronically) and letting me feel a part of the process all the way from Georgia!

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