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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
I have been helping my best friend plan her bachelorette party! The only reason she has been involved in the planning is because she wanted a destination event in Puerto Rico.  Planning of that required a lot of coordinating and information sharing, which she has been so helpful in providing.  On a sad note, I was all geared up to go but the original date was scheduled during my own bridal shower.   

This situation has created an opportunity for learning so I have a few notes for those planning destination wedding showers/activities/parties:
  • Commit to a date (early) – find a date and stick with it! Things are easier to plan this way. We have to book rooms and other accommodations, as well as travel to your wedding so financial lead-time is always appreciated. The more time your bridal party has to prep the better it is for us!!!
  • Pay attention to block out dates – if you poll your bridal party about availability create a master calendar to help you narrow down dates and keep track. Trust it is easier to just block out dates on a physical calendar sometimes than to hope you remember.
  • Everyone can’t always make it – be ok with some people not being able to attend because of work, life, or prior your wedding year isn’t always convenient.
  • Don’t over involve yourself- Brides/Grooms please let your bridesmaids and groomsmen handle what needs to be handled (a) so they can work out a plan that works best for themselves (b) so some things remain a surprise.
  • Remember destinations aren’t cheap – we don’t all want to share bunk beds just to get a view.  Costs add up especially since we are buying dresses, tickets, then getting hair, make-up and other things! So destination bachelorette parties are often low on the payroll.  Don’t be mad if we get there and we are broke J

**Words of advice for those planning joint bachelorette/bachelor parties – remember this doubles your attendance and coordination, and go ahead and set the ground rules of engagement with activities and sleeping arrangements (i.e. spouses attending or not, meals as a group or not, bride and groom interaction or not, shared rental property or not, etc).

After some consideration and a few travel and costs concerns my bestie bride has reconsidered her tropical destination venue and opted for something a little more fantastic but considerably more manageable, New Orleans!!!! The date has also shifted to be more aligned with my birthday so I’m an excited pea in a pod right now!  As we are hashing out the details of this joint bachelorette party excursion (the other bride and her bridal party will also be joining us) I can now focus on the fun planning; events, activities, food, drinks, and lodging. I also have to find some time to squeeze in a family visit!

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