Tips on Selecting Wedding Venues

Thursday, April 10, 2014
I’m getting married this year (round of applause) and many of my friends and family are well versed in the struggles we had finding a venue.  My biggest must-haves in our wedding venue were cost (I’m on a budget) and allowing me to bring my own alcohol (did you see where I said I was on a budget). We finally found a space after several weeks of searching but I wanted to point out some things to consider when looking for a wedding venue, or let’s face it, any party venue.
Venue appointments can be tedious and are a bit inconvenient for the working couple(seriously who can take off on a Monday to tour a venue?).  I had initial questions which I submitted to most places in email before I even considered setting up a tour and it made my life much easier. No matter your approach, just make sure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.
Here are some bases you need to cover when speaking with wedding venues:  

1.       Availability in your date range

2.      Décor Options (limitations and inclusions)

3.      Guest Capacity

4.      Required Vendors

5.      Parking and Bathroom Situation (#s and locations)

6.      Costs (including hidden fees and overtime charges)

7.      Liquor Polices

8.      Photography Options (where, what, when)

9.      AV/Sound Support

10.   Bride/Groom Accommodations (available to use for getting ready)

11.    Distance from your Ceremony (if a separate location)

12.   Staff provided to help



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