{DIY} Corset Favor Bags

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
One of my recent DIY projects was for the Kissable Corsets Grand Opening that happened a few days ago. They were planning a promotional giveaway and needed gift bags, so I created these adorable corset favor bags to match their theme.  They were a lot easier to make than I anticipated. To answer the "how did you do it " questions, I decided to share the instructions.

  • Plain paper bags $2.99
  • Permanent adhesive tape $1.49
  • Corset pattern (free on the internet)
  • Decorative paper ($1.49) - I used textured & glittered paper for a better effect
  • Ribbon ($.50)
  • Scissors and paper cutter
  • Single hole punch

The first step is to print out a template or stencil of a corset then trace it onto the back of the decorative paper you plan to use.

Next cut out the desired number of corsets you plan to use; one for each bag.

Using a paper cutter, cut each corset in half and then mark 4 holes (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) to on the back side of the paper (these will be used for the ribbon).  Carefully hole punch over the markings using the single hole puncher.

Cut two 4-inch lengths of ribbon.  Then lace one piece of ribbon through the top holes as desired, and secure with adhesive tape. I alternated holes to give a laced up effect. Add more adhesive to exposed backing of decorative paper; make sure to add it around the edges of the holes and then affix to the front of the bag (align to the center as best as possible).

Allow the glue to dry then stuff and gift accordingly.

These are easy to customize and would make a great gift bag for any bachelorette or lingerie party! Enjoy!!!!

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