Bridesmaid Chronicles: Situation Report

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I came out of the fog of my wedding planning, looked at my calendar and realized I’m in 2 weddings this year! Some of my favorite people are getting hitched and I’ve said “Yes” to the bridesmaid dress!  In an effort to keep my own sanity I decided to start a new blog feature, The Bridesmaid Chronicles where I can share the joys and pains of serving as a maid of honor and a bridesmaid for my friends!  More to come...

Situation report

Wedding #1

Date: Oct 2014
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Role: Maid of Honor
Duties: Coordinating bridesmaids, bachelorette party planning, bridal shower assistance, wedding gift purchase (group style), ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner participation, gift records,  diffusing issues, emotional support, any and all help where needed
Primary Focus Areas: destination bachelorette party, freezing in Milwaukee, and keeping my best friend sane
Obstacles/Barriers: I live in Georgia (they don’t), male and female bridal party (men are harder to coordinate), my best friend that hates wedding planning, and the small detail that I’m getting married a month later
Comments: I’m reigning in my excitement and I have held off on the bridesmaid newsletter I wanted to develop in an effort to not be “that girl”!  So far the biggest challenge is going to be pulling off the destination joint bachelorette party the brides are hoping to have. Fingers crossed because I could use a vacation! Distance will be a contributing factor to my roles and duties as assigned. J
Wedding #2

Date: Dec 2014/Jan 2015
Location: New Orleans, LA
Role: Bridesmaid
Duties: Bridal shower and Bachelorette party assistance (if necessary), hostess duties as needed, helping with pre-wedding tasks, dress fittings, being cute and charming in my dress, ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner participation, dancing the night away at the reception,  emotional support, and any additional help needed.
Primary Focus Areas: whatever she needs...providing awesomeness to an already amazing woman
Obstacles/Barriers: I live in Georgia (they don’t)
Comments: I’m happy to be surrounded by family for this one and look forward to spending even more time with my bro and his amazing lady!  Let’s commiserate about planning together J


  1. I didn't realize that a maid of honor is responsible for so many things! Good to know.

    Also, Bridal Shower = Done!

  2. And this only covers the items specific to this wedding, the maid of honor is a pretty big deal and I'm happy to serve :)


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