Organize Your Home Office Day

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day (yes it’s a real thing)!  Since moving into the house, my office space has been in a state of disarray. In honor of this fantastic day of observance, I cleaned up my office space (aka the corner of the garage my husband-to-be doesn’t use).

My focal points were:
  • Improving my lighting options
  • Powering Down (minimizing electronic devices in my limited space)
  • Increasing storage and surface area of work space
  • Organizing items to fit the way I work
  • De-cluttering (everything)
This weekend I'll install peg boards, add some hanging magazine racks to the walls, and find a plant or two that will survive in my garage! All in all, I needed a more functional space and although it's certainly a work in progress, I think I'm well on my way!!!

Office Before National Organize Your Home Office Day

Office After National Organize Your Home Office Day

inspiration/vision board and message center all-in-one

Rock and signs
words to live by "Put Your Big Girl Panties on & Deal with it"

used my calendar as a desk cover (easy to clean if I craft + informative)

re-purposed tv stand from the move

garage office space

 Happy organizing everyone!


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