Meaning of Marriage {Lent Reflection}

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
One of the goals on my Lent list (related to personal reflection) this year is to share more positive thoughts and work on giving thanks for all my blessings! I’m spending some time focusing on the positives of my relationships, event planning, this blog, my spiritual life and so many other parts of my day-to-day! I was recently reflecting on what marriage means to me and wanted to share!

To me marriage means, having a partner in crime, faith, and love for life! Commitment to putting my husband’s well-being, desires, and needs above my own (most times). Sharing DVR space! Joining in a holy union before God (and the State of Georgia) and devoting my time, attention and resources to helping that grow and succeed. Marriage means, agreeing to change my social media status from single to married!  Learning how to say I’m sorry and mean it! Hard work with amazing rewards but occasional frustrations. Marriage means a lifetime of birthdays, holidays, and fun times with my best friend.  It means, having a live-in recipe taster, sounding board, and jar opener. Marriage is about being a student and steward of companionship, communication, forgiveness, and support. Marriage to me means the building block and foundation of our family. It means taking action (not just having emotion), giving freely, and being generous to and for each other. Marriage means acceptance and tolerance of self and your partner. Tender love and care in the form of affection. Trying to be the best we (and me) possible. It means cost-benefit analysis and democratic decision making. It means listening without judgments and loving without limits. It is the merging of families, friends, and Christmas party schedules. It means trusting in all aspects of your relationship. Marriage means sharing car and health insurance, bank accounts, and tax professionals. It means decades with my cuddle buddy, kick-a** real estate agent, great eye candy, bear hugging, cleaning obsessed, tech support, action-movie loving, joke telling, needle fearing, gentlemanly, great dad in the making, grocery carrying, Steelers fanatic, lead foot having, northern-born better half. 
I love you B. Scott thank you for being in my life♥

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