Super Bowl/Housewarming {Party Combos}

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
We decided to hunker down and go ahead and bless our house with our first official in home function.  After debating back and forth on when and how, we found a prime opportunity, Super Bowl Sundaythat we thought would make a great event to plan our housewarming around.

We just moved in and are still in the process of putting our home together so hosting a housewarming was low on the priority list. But my fiancé and I thought about hosting a Super Bowl party and really wanted friends and family to watch with us. So we  combined our party needs, wants, and desires! Here are a few tips (and pics) to hosting a dual themed party!

1)  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – be sure to let your guests know what the themes, preferences, and party rules are in advance.  We set up a facebook invite as well as used e-vites to let people know what was going on!  We gave them information on gifting, drinking, and parking.

2)     Decorate by color not necessarily by theme – to minimize confusion (and stress) we kept it simple and used the team colors to drive our décor. It was a house warming after all so we didn’t want to overdo it with football paraphernalia. Streamers were a cheap and easy decoration tool and I even put the extras in an empty vase to sit on our mantel. 

decorations (blue orange and neon green)

3)     Provide activity options – not everybody coming to our event was planning to watch the game so we set up a card table, baby activity corner,  TV viewing stations, house tours, and drinking games (after the kids departed)  so people had options. Depending on your guests and their fun scale you have some pretty easy and simple options here.

wine bottles
My favorite activity of the night :)

4)     Feed the masses – we were expecting 30 guests and with a limited budget the best approach is buying in bulk (thank you Sam’s Club).  In an effort to reduce stress and costs we also asked friends to bring drinks so we could feed everyone.  I planned for simple finger foods (wings, mini corndog muffins, chips, dips, pinwheel sandwiches, and veggie trays); making sure to account for overages (the uninvited plus one, the greedy eater, the very hungry hostess).  Then we made sure all was easily accessible, without interrupting game viewing. *Note we expected 35 and ended up with 48+

mini corndogs
party food

5)     Mix and mingle – when you have a dual theme party the occasional transition and facilitation may be needed so make sure you mingle with all your guests and  keep the party going during downtimes (like the entire second half …Thanks Denver).

I hope everybody had a fun Super Bowl viewing we definitely had a fun night with friends & family!


  1. You hands down throw the best events. To anyone who is reading this, Eventful Bliss = Unique ideas + Awesome decor + Great food + Professionalism.

  2. What type of gifting info did you give. I am about to do this same kind of party... but I wanted some people to come and go if they would like. and I don't want people to feel obligated to bring a gift.

  3. We told people gifts were optional verbally -- when they asked we said we preferred gifts cards or alcohol. Most people brought us wine. Also added a line to the invite that they didn't have to bring anything but their team spirit.

  4. Actually doing this as well!! Would you happen to have the flyer you created? It’s perfect for my event & would loce to use! :)


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